From a Dispute to a Theme Park

Some Things Just Can't Be Planned

In the late 1960s the first plans were drawn up for a new type of nuclear power station to free Germany from dependency on foreign uranium. After extensive planning, the result was the Fast Breeder Reactor in Kalkar. Since so much cooling water would be needed to generate electricity, the power station site was located directly on the banks of the Rhine. However, the resistance from large sections of the public was so sustained that although the power station was completed, it never went on line. You may have already seen remnants of the protests in the form of graffiti on house walls in the immediate vicinity. Thanks to the commitment of the investor Henni van der Most, the power station site was finally opened as the conference venue and theme park Kernwasser Wunderland in the year 2000, which to this day as Wunderland Kalkar and Kernie's Familypark offer you unusual views of the Lower Rhine. Since then, an all-inclusive hotel with 1,000 beds has made overnight stays and conferences possible in the region. The highlight of the theme park is the Vertical Swing in the former cooling tower. From here, you can see how the chain carousel moves up over the top of the cooling tower and spins the passengers. Maybe you would like to try out this adventure and see the river meadow landscape fly past from a height of almost 60 metres. If that's too scary for you - no problem! You can climb up the outside of the cooling tower for your own view - just ask at the Park pay booths. In addition, Kernie's Familypark offers children 40 further attractions. Nobody expected this use in 1973 when the foundation stone for the breeder was laid!

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