Wunderland Kalkar and Kernie's Familypark

There's a lot to do here - let's take a look!

The terrace around the former cooling tower is great for looking around to see everything that you can do here. Just walk all the way around it and think about what you want to do. The biggest adventure can be found actually inside the cooling tower - the chain carousel is almost 60 metres high! Even if you don't want to go on it or you aren't tall enough yet, you can try out the echo inside and hear yourself shout. Down there, the bumper boats will take you through the jungle world. If you like things speedy, try the roller coaster. Or the log flume if you're not frightened of a few splashes of water. From up here, you can watch the boats on the Rhine and even race them on the Promenade. A little tip from us: choose a boat that's going upstream - you might win then! After all, these boats are quite fast! Opposite, on the building housing the emergency backup diesel generator there is a Ferris wheel from where you can see for quite a long way. Have you got a head for heights? Maybe you will find some other things up there that you can experience here on the banks of the Rhine. Down below, in the Ferris wheel building you will find the thickest walls that you have ever seen at the museum exit. The museum itself will show you how electricity was going to be generated here once. But maybe you want to see a show in the children's theatre. Now that you know what's what, off you go!

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